pitbull breeding and behavior

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    ive bred my pit a couple of times and each time it gets more interesting,but i was wondering if you hold your dog to help her but maybe befor shes completely in heat will the pregnancy take or do yoou evencount that as her 1 breeding even through they locked?

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    If you aren’t sure you’re doing it right, maybe you should get educated before you mess around with breeding dogs, especially a type of dog that is known to be dangerous.

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      Brandi Maples

      I love pits! They’re amazingly affectionate, loyal dogs. They’re great with kids, you’ve just got to socialize them at properly when they’re young. My pit was a great dog, nothing but love. Not once did he attack anyone, or even act aggressive. It’s all in how their raised. If you keep them isolated from people, then they’re more likely to be aggressive towards them, same way if you keep them isolated from other dogs.

      Pits get a bad rap because of PEOPLE, not because they earned it. I’m a full supporter of pitbull ownership, because they’re great family dogs.

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        I know, I have 2 pits and a new litter of pit puppies. It is all in how they are raised, well any dog for that matter, on how they will react in certain situations. I’ve known a lab to be aggressive so it is how the owner raises the dog.

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      Relax, take a deep breath and calm down. Not all pit bulls are bad dogs. Not all Dobermans are bad dogs, not all chihuahua’s are nice dogs. Get it? It’s the people, not necessarily the dog.

      To Tinkerbell:

      If the dog isn’t ready to mate, she won’t be fertilized even if they connect. There are some great books and there are some great links on this site to help you learn a little more.

      Good luck!

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