Should I adopt from a shelter?

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    There are many options when wanting a pet. A shelter or rescue is a good place to look.

    First you should make sure you choose a good shelter. A reputable shelter will temperament test their animals BEFORE placing them up for adoption. This is important (unless you are a dog trainer or a well versed dog owner).

    It never hurts to take a look, but don’t allow yourself to be “bought” by those big brown eyes, or that cute wagging tail. Allow yourself time to think and evaluate your situation.

    A lot of shelters will get pure bred dogs. So if you have your heart set on a pure breed, don’t pass up the pound. It’s a great place to find your perfect pet. Small dogs are usually adopted out the same day they are placed up for adoption. Check to see a HUGE list of animals available in your area.

    Another great advantage to adopting from a shelter is that your new dog will be fully vaccinated, health checked, spayed or neutered, and most dog stores will give you a discount when you shop at their store. Be sure to ask the sales clerk about specials for rescue dogs.

    When you visit the pound, don’t be upset if you don’t find THE dog right away. Be patient and take your time to make sure you really get what you want. They receive new dogs every day. Talk to an adoption specialist. You can discuss your desires and they will help you find the right dog for you.

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    We adopted a dog from a shelter and we also bought a dog from a breeder. We were very picky when choosing our breeder to make sure we were getting a quality puppy. We also were very picky when choosing our dog from the shelter. We went to our local community pound and looked every day for about 2 weeks. We finally found what we were looking for and we couldn’t be happier. Both dogs are GREAT and love our kids. You have to be really careful when getting any dog from any source.

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      I would highly recommend checking your local shelter before you go anywhere else. They are vet checked, spayed/neutered, up to date on shots. Most are microchipped. It’s a GREAT way to get a wonderful addition to the family.

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