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    I have an 8 year old Pit Bull Terrier (Blue) that I’ve owned for a little over 3 years now. He’s an experience stud and even though I’ve studded him with the help of his previous owner/breeder, I just wasn’t sure that I wanted to go through the task of breeding myself. His last successful mate was about 1 & 1/2 yrs ago. Another attempt was made after that but the female was a bit aggressive and not very receptive. Well, things have changed since then. I got a female who is now 18 months old (Pit Bull Terrier / Blue Brendle) who I know would be perfect for breeding. She’s in her 2nd heat now and I think her and I both are ready to have a go at this. She seems up to it as she’s always wanting him to sniff and flags here and there. IT’S JUST DAY 1 OF BLEEDING and I know they will do their business in due time. I JUST WONDER IF MY “OLD BLUE” IS UP TO IT SINCE HE’S BEEN OUT OF THE GAME FOR OVER A YEAR NOW. He seems disinterested at the moment when during her first heat, I could barely keep him away from her. PLUS LET’S NOT FORGET HE’S 8 YRS OLD. SO, HOW OLD IS TOO OLD FOR A STUD? I’m still in contact with his previous owner/breeder..just wanted other opinions/tips. Anixiously awaiting…Boom’s Blues.

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    I am wondering what happened to your puppy. Could you share your experience?

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    are you feedign too much?? maybe the pup needs an antibiotic??
    at 3 weeks they should be startign on puppy food.

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    There are a number of reasons why a puppy may become sick, including “fading puppy” syndrome, which is really a catch-all for “we don’t know why he’s sick.”

    Anything from genetics (maybe a poor liver function or kidney failure) to communicable diseases can be to blame. There is really no way to know for sure unless your vet takes a look and runs blood tests.

    Your best bet is to keep feeding her. I would try to isolate the other pups on occasion and let the little one have some calm, alone time with mom.

    Sarah Henery – Yorkies of Walnut Hill

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