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    Pit Bull Fan

    I know when most people hear “pit bull” they automatically think negative thoughts. And with good reason. The media is on a pit bull craze! Any time a dog attacks someone or something, if it looks remotely like a pit bull, it’s labeled a pit bull. The thing is, a lot of dogs are mistaken for pit bulls when they aren’t even pit bull mixes. And when it is found out that the media got it wrong, they don’t bother apologizing! They just move on to the next story.

    When you go to the pound or shelter, it seems almost every dog in there is labeled a pit bull. A lot of mixed breeds can have the appearance of a pit bull. Am Staffs, Am Bulldogs, Boxers, just to name a few. So just because it’s labeled a pit bull, don’t automatically pass by. There are a lot of great stories about pit bulls (and dogs like them). There are also a lot of sad stories. Don’t blame the breed. Blame the OWNER!

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    I completely agree. Maybe now with being able to use DNA to determine dog breeds, some of these Nazi type tactics with dog breeds will stop. There are yellow lab crosses that people misidentify as Pit Bulls.

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    If people would have their dogs spayed and neutered, we wouldn’t have so many pit bulls in the pounds. Most of the dogs in the shelters are pit bull type dogs. I think it might be a good thing to have a little chlorine in the dog gene pool.

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