someone who knows about chihuaha PLEASE HELP!

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    My 17 month old female Great Dane, was locked onto with a male Great Dane for about an hour.
    Does this ensure pregnancy?
    Is there an average amount of puppies that a great dane can have?

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    Your puppy is not old enough! The puppy will definitely need to be supplemented with milk re-placer. I would recommend esbilac. The puppy should be at least 7-8 weeks old before it leaves its Mom. Three weeks is way too young. That breeder seems like she doesn’t know what she is doing.

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    What happened? Is your puppy okay????

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    This yound pup should be with its mother until 8 wks. Since the pup has left its mom you may need to supplement pup with formula and vitamins and lots of water. Also the ears should stand up by 14 wks. Good Luck with your new pup.

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      Is that correct? you get a Chihuahua three weeks? horrible (Mom is dead?)
      The ears will be raised by two months onwards (sometimes even before) and will have moments when they are up and then down.

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