Tail Amputation

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    I have an adult dog with a whip like tail. I think it would be best to have it amputated. She hits it so hard it’s starting to get kinks in it. I’ve heard a lot of dogs with tails like that end up having them amputated later in life. What do you think? I need some advice!

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    In some places the amputation of a healthy body part on an animal is now illegal (i.e. ear cropping, tail docking, etc). I would find out what your city or county ordinances are, then ask your veterinarian what he/she thinks is best for your dog. I would explain your concerns of later amputation after painful ulcerations from constant whipping of the tail, and just see if maybe it would be best to prevent unnecessary pain and suffering to your dog. Keep in mind, an amputation done on a dog that has matured is usually costly and can be difficult. It can also be difficult to prevent the dog from chewing at his/her tail as it heals–it is quite painful, and can take longer to heal the older the dog is (I personally think a lot of it has to do with licking and chewing at the stump–puppies seem more oblivious to it than a dog that is even a little bit older and more mobile.).

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      That’s some good advice. I will definitely talk to my vet. I’m still on the fence about what to do. I found a place that will do it for less than $100. She smacked my daughter in the eye the other day. It’s getting dangerous around here! =) teehee.

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