Thinking about buying an American Bulldog? Read this…

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    First things first… American Bulldogs are not AKC recognized. (just so you know)

    American Bulldogs and English Bulldogs are two separate types of Bulldog. AB’s are much taller and more active than their English counterpart.

    The AB is very muscular, with a powerful head and jaws. It is very agile and light on it’s feet. AB’s should be mostly white. Spots of varying colors are acceptable. All eye colors are acceptable. This is a large/X-large dog breed. Males range from 70-120 pounds, and females are about 60-100 pounds. They are an average shedder, with short hair.

    The AB is known for it’s absolute devotion to it’s master. It will take on anything that threatens it’s family, but will respond when called off by it’s owner. This breed sincerely loves children, and needs people. These dogs must be socialized well from puppyhood. They will drool and slobber, especially when eating. You will want to have a towel dedicated to wiping your dogs mouth.

    This dog can be mistaken for a “pit bull”, so there is a negative stigma you have to be aware of. Some places will not allow you to rent if you have this type of dog.

    Be sure to do your own research when deciding on a dog breed. Here are a couple searches I recommend.

    American Bulldog bite
    American Bulldog
    American Bulldog temperament

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    How do I explain to people that she is a bulldog, not a pitbull dog. So many people don’t get it.

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