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How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails | Dog Nail Trimmers Reviewed

Dog Nail Trimmers

Summary: Discussion of the three basic types of dog nail trimmers on the market today. One thing is for sure, dogs hate to have their nails trimmed!

Dog Nail Trimmers

One thing that is almost universal is that dogs hate to have their nails trimmed! Therefore, it is an easy thing to neglect since most owners do not enjoy battling with their dog to get his or her nails trimmed. However, it is much easier to trim them a little at a time than to wait until your dog has overgrown nails. Keeping your dogs nails trimmed is important.

Long nails can get damaged so easily which can lead to feet problems. If a long nail is ripped accidentally, the dog can get an infection or if they are too long your dog can go lame. A responsible pet owner keeps their dog’s nails trimmed.

There are three basic kinds of nail trimmers. The three types of nail trimmers include the following:

  1. Scissors
  2. Nail Clippers
  3. Nail Grinders

Nail clippers come in a wide range of prices and are the most commonly used. Nail grinders are electric, easy to use, and lightweight. Some owners/dogs prefer them over the clippers.

If you happen to trim a nail to short, styptic powders are available that will stop the bleeding. They work fast and most are painless to the dog. Styptic powders or pads are a smart thing to have around. They instantly stop bleeding from broken nails to small cuts.

Dog Nail Products Reviewed

Millers Forge Guillotine Nail Clipper offered at Amazon. The product reviews are positive on this product for small and medium sized animals. They describe the product as, “Comes with FREE blade replacement and styptic powder.”

Ever have your dog start clawing on your glass sliding door to come back in the house within hours of just trimming his or her nails? Amazon has a great solution to this age old problem. It is a revolutionary product called Soft Claws for Dogs. They are nail caps for dogs. They come in various sizes. “A quick, simple and safe solution to help stop scratching problems and protect fabric and surfaces from claw damage.”

Other fine products available at that come highly recommended with excellent reviews include the PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer and the Oster Pet Nail Grinder. Both of these products are shown below. Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed to the correct length will keep your pet more comfortable and is essential to his/her health and well-being. It is recommended that you trim your dog’s nails every 4-6 weeks. Tip: Use a nail file immediately after trimming your dog’s nails to remove any rough edges.